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 "TECHNO ELECTRONICS" is established itself with good technical base in the year 1993. Our firm has its own special working guidelines to suit the customer needs in Communications, Power Supplies, Control panel equipment & Solar Inverters Systems.

In the field of designing PCB and connected equipment: We, after gaining successful experience by associating ourselves with ECIL ,DOT, APGENCO,TSGENCO,APTRANSCO,TSTRANSCO, BHEL ,DRDL ….……..through top notch architectural / consultancy organizations  and industries, is capable enough to undertake all sort of electronic & electrical designing works  And Electrical generation services, electrical distribution services and can make all type of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs), apart from consultancy  work with its impeccable and time bound  services  for all kinds of industries.

Repairing with high tech scientific instruments: Techno electronics Provides Expert Electronic Repairs For all kinds of PCBs .  we have the experience in repairing lacks of DOT  cards and  module PCBs. We complete the job in timely and cost effective manners which are sent to us for repair at our works.

We provide an OEM level of quality service at a competitive, non-OEM price. We have the ability to repair and calibrate any module or PCB. With our state-of-the-Art technologies and dedicated technicians, our staff is able to ease the pain of any repair service order.

We have unique way of repairing the products through Reverse Engineering Method (Tracing each and every track on the PCB and developing a circuit diagram based on that) which helps us understand the problem to the root level and rectify it.

We have a massive inventory of Electronic Components at our works with which we are able to repair thousands of products every year.

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