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Microcontroller Based Solar Sine Wave inverter  Technology Sale

DSP Based Pure Sine wave Solar Inverter
This Micro Controller based digital sine wave Inverter using DSP (Digital Signal Processor)  ,Inverter are true sine wave output. These are advanced technology. This Inverter is a very robust design which will not fail in any extreme conditions

Inbuilt SMPS type intelligent four stage battery charger constant current charging with full charge cut-off. Priority solar charging when solar panel is connected mains charger will be in stand by and priority will be for solar charger


  1. Battery input voltage              :           12V, 24V & 48V
  2. Mains input Voltage               :           230V AC 50Hz
  3. AC output (Inverter)                :           230V + 3% 50Hz
  4. Inverter output power            :           100VA – 5000VA
  5. Battery Charging                    :           Constant current SMPS charging with full charge cut off
    Charging current                    :           Settable up to 15A
  1. Charger working range          :           120V – 280V AC mains input
  2. Mains Over volts                     :           Up to 440V

Protection: Deep Charging, Over Charging, Battery Low, Over Load, Short circuit, Mains over voltage reverse connection of mains input Phase in Phase out, reverse connection of mains input Phase and neutral of input. In all these error conditions will be shown in the LCD Display

LCD will Display: - Mains Voltage, Battery Voltage, AC output voltage, Load percentage, Charger On/ off, solar charging, Main charging, Over Load, Short Circuit, Heavy Load trip,
Short circuit trip, UPS mode/Inverter mode, Mains is connected to inverter output, Neutral and phase connection reverse.


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