Solar management unit(SMU) is capable of converting simple inverter into solar inverter. It's main preference is usage of solar power to minimize the grid consumption.

SMU uses photovoltaic systems to charge battery automatically. The Process of charging is designed in such way to get long battery life and improve system performance. The self-diagnostics and electronic protection can avoid damage from incorrect wiring and system faults. It can either be a domestic or solar inverter, either automatically or manually using a switch expect in night conditions. The system is by default domestic inverter under night conditions. SMU to give priority solar energy first charge battery.

  • Micro-controller based
  • Battery Life Increase
  • Manual and Automatic Mode
  • self-diagnosis
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Over Charge , Over Current and Under Voltage Protection
  • Battery and Solar Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Over Temperature

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