Solar PCU is a so hybrid MPPT inverter. It uses both solar power and grid power to charge the batteries. It's first preference while charging is solar power. Irrespective of grid power availability, the battery is charged only with solar power when it is present. It is designed in such a way that it reduces the electricity costs by using the advantages of sun.

The main purpose of designing Techno three phase inverter is to handle the high inrush of current and run the three phase electrical motors. Lift inverter is embedded product with isolated boost charging technology. In the presence of grid ,it provides constant charging voltage and current. In the absence of grid, it produces three phase four wire output supply from its backup system. It utilizes the energy stored in the battery backup system to sense the failures and starts of grid automatically.

Installation of PCU is facile. The double advantage of PCU is it is affordable and reduces electricity costs to the users. It doesn't release any harmful gases and residue unlike others. hence, PCU keeps the surroundings hygiene and healthy. Digital Signal Processor based pure sine wave,MPPT based Charge Controller


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